In a recent survey, BACP report that up to a third of Brits claimed Brexit was negatively affecting their mental health. The survey was conducted by YouGov.  A further 24% say their mental health is affected ‘a little’. Andrew Kinder, BACP governor and senior accredited BACP counsellor said that because of the uncertainty change creates, this can be stressful for people and may impact on their well being and may fuel underlying issues.Read More →

“Welsh Assembly members stressed the need to improve access to talking therapies across Wales during a debate. The opposition debate, led by the Welsh Conservatives, focused on the findings of a recent review of Community Mental Health Teams. BACP briefed many of the politicians involved in the debate, stressing the importance of ensuring Community Mental Health Teams were better resourced to provide counsellors to urgently tackle growing need.” (BACP 2019) Read full article here:Read More →