Welcome to Contemplate Counselling, a professional counselling service providing qualified, tailored therapy to individuals, children and families experiencing emotional distress or difficulty. I offer a quiet, calm, confidential and spacious place to take time to consider and explore your issues with support from an experienced therapist. Life can pose challenges which may be difficult to negotiate alone. Often, we may form coping mechanisms, which can be 'out of time' and unhelpful to us. Or we may may struggle with relationships or communication with others, or experience difficulty in getting ahead to our ideal life. Sometimes, the forces at play are unconscious, processes formed in earlier situations and experiences. The insight of a professional therapist may help to identify these and introduce more effective and rewarding ways of relating. 

Counselling is in fact one of the oldest professions, since ancient times, individuals have sought the counsel of others to assist them with the daily struggle of life and the problems encountered by the human condition. All people are subject to changes and forces which influence well being and contentment. These changes may be entering different life stages, or political, environmental or social influences. Therapy can aid an individual to accommodate change successfully and bring about more desirable outcomes. 

A professional therapist may be instrumental in alleviating psychological distress in much the same way a person may seek medical advice for a physical issue or indeed financial advice for a money matter. Having the support of a therapist helps to alleviate the isolation of struggling on alone and may help you to make sense of your issues and bring about a more enjoyable and fully functional way to live again.

A professional therapist can assist in bringing about objectivity, critical distance and awareness of the issues you may be experiencing and so promote clarity and understanding, enabling and promoting new choices and coping strategies, putting the ‘living’ back into life again.

Samantha Mutch Adv. Dip.     Therapeutic Counselling     Dip. Teach
MBACP Registered Member    DRB checked


Clients may refer individually by contacting me directly.
I also accept referrals from agencies (employment etc)/organisations.

Statutory bodies: Childrens’ Services, GPs and other professionals may refer for work with children and adults, costs are given on request.


News from BACP
News from BACP
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