As record numbers of students begin a new phase of their lives at university, counselling services are in high demand. Questions are being asked about whether universities are providing enough support for mental health issues? The vice chancellor of Buckingham University says universities have been negligent in accepting their pastoral responsibilities. Is social media partly to blame for the increasing rise in student self-esteem? More →


David Cameron is to announce details of government funding for relationship support and to deal with poor parenting. The Prime Minister sets out to double the amount of government funding for support to help families stay together. Strengthening families is at the heart of the governments agenda as families who break up are twice as likely to experience poverty than families who stay together. More →


The BMJ have published new research suggesting that anti-depressants are no more effective than counselling. Can talking therapies be just as effective? The numbers of people being prescribed anti-depressants has soared in the last decade but are they really effective in the treatment of depression? More →