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Samantha Mutch, the owner and counsellor at Contemplate Counselling, is a fully qualified counsellor and lecturer and works within the Humanist/Existential framework of counselling, which considers the perspective of the client, how they perceive their world and themselves within it. By examining and exploring this perspective, insight is gained into how an individual functions and relates to others and new perspectives and understanding can be gained.  It is fully necessary to have a developed understanding of differentiation when working with individuals to allow integration of practical and theoretical processes in order to provide a best match and fit approach for client work.

Samantha has been practicing since 2008 and is a Registered Member of the BACP, the uks’ largest governing body for counselling and psychotherapy and continually engages in ongoing personal and professional development to keep practice current and relevant and offers a safe, comfortable, confidential space to explore the parts of the self-one may not wish to share with others, without personal judgement.

Samantha engaged in a variety of different working environments until she began work in an educational setting with individuals who were struggling to meet the necessary criteria, and discovered that what interrupted their success was the ongoing struggle with life outside of the learning environment, which took from them valuable resources in terms of concentration and ability to engage. This insight led Samantha into pursuing counselling training and then on to further educational training, with the ongoing awareness of how when one piece of our lives is out of balance, so it affects the rest. She is passionate about the work and the rewards it brings to her personally and to the lives of others!

Samantha began and continues to work outside of private practice in an extensive charitable organisation and fulfils responsibilities there as a senior counsellor working with an open client age range encompassing an extensive range of issues and client work. This experience has proved invaluable in developing both practice and approach. She has lectured in counselling in further educational settings and continues to provide training to groups and organisations.

Samantha is dedicated to the profession and believes in the unswerving capacity of the human form to negotiate change and to grow from whatever place one may find oneself in.

‘I hear the words, the thoughts, the feeling tones, the personal meaning, even the meaning that is below the conscious intent of the speaker.’

Carl Rodgers